What is the Purpose of Dewasa Muda?

To provide young adults a common place for worship, fellowship, discipleship and ministry.


Who could join Dewasa Muda?

More than likely you will be:

  • A post graduate student or
  • A graduate who is looking for a job or
  • Currently working
  • AND you’re not married.
Warning: This fellowship provides an excellent opportunity to meet cool people.


So what could I gain from Dewasa Muda ?

You’ll find encouragement, hope and care from the Word of God through our fellowship. We are pretty much like you, walking through the various stages of life. We have been in need or in plenty, hungry or well fed, loved or lonely, employed or retrenched, etc. So why walk alone where you can have friends along the way?

You have a new family. In Christ we are bonded by His love as brothers and sisters.

Together we will discover and fulfills the very purpose of our calling. By the way, do you know the purpose of your life?


So what exactly are we doing in Dewasa Muda?

Bible Study, which is designed to redirect our focus and mind back to Jesus “the author and perfecter of our faith” through learning the Word of God. Guest speaker who will come and share the Word of God with us. We also have our very own elders and talented pastor.

Ocassionally, we also have Iron Chef, a cooking competition, in which we have lots of fun together..